Helping you,
so you can help others

Every company’s story is constantly changing. We see the next chapter of our history being written with the ownership of The Dodge Company Ltd (Dodge UK) passing from the Dodge UK family to The MazWell Group, founded by Craig Caldwell and Robert Mazza.



From Humble Beginnings...

The Dodge Chemical Company began in The United States of America when A Johnson Dodge started the company in 1893. From that day to the present, the Dodge brand and reputation has grown to become one of the most widely known names and industry leaders in the Funeral Service Profession. Our profession of Funeral Directing and Embalming has seen a great many changes over the last 100 or more years. Dodge has proudly responded to these changes; including the formulation, testing and release of the world’s first formaldehyde free arterial and cavity chemicals, the first embalming machine with automatic pressure control and a waterless aspirator.

Arnold and Mike Dodge, the third generation of the Dodge family, recognized that a deep and meaningful understanding of the value of funeral service would be a key to our success.  Its just one of the reasons Dodge company representatives are professionally qualified in all aspects of embalming and funeral service. To further promote the importance of professional education the Dodge Sunshine Seminars were developed to share enhancements in our profession.

Debbie and Kristie Dodge are the fourth generation of family to run the business continuing the tradition of quality and service that the Dodge Company was founded on.


To Now

Our Dodge UK story began ninety years later in 1983 in a small warehouse located in Whitchurch, Hampshire. We have since grown from a small 2-person single shop to a company of 3 buildings and 18 team members. With divisions in Australia and Germany, as well as 18 international distributors, we have become recognized as the leader in the field of manufacture and supply of quality embalming chemicals, equipment and supplies throughout Europe as well as globally.

'Helping you,
so you can help others'


And Looking Forward...

It is our everyday challenge and privilege to support the ever-changing needs and expectations of our customers as you care for the bereaved families, friends and deceased loved ones in your communities. This is no easy task and everyone at The MazWell Group understands the magnitude and importance of this responsibility.

MazWell cherishes the values of the Dodge family that have brought us to this point. It is now that our stewardship of the name and reputation continues moving forward. Our dedication to promoting the value of our profession and funeral service will always be paramount. Through continuing education, introduction of new products and innovations, and bringing better and safer chemicals to the preparation room, MazWell will continue earning your trust.

The relationships and friendships built with our customers are based on honesty, credibility and our utmost desire to serve you today and always.  As a team we look forward to ensuring that we “Help you, so you can help others” every day!