Undercoat Aerosol

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Undercoat is an opaque cosmetic meant to cover discoloured areas without creating a painted effect. Used over discolourations caused by injury, ecchymosis, intravenous punctures, burns as well as over waxed areas and areas of extensive restorative work.

Performance Highlights:
  • Even in cases where bleaching chemicals can’t remove a stain, Undercoat will cover it.
  • Undercoat will not crack or peel after drying when applied in thin layers, nor will it lift off when touched. It is intended that further cosmetics be applied over Undercoat after application.
  • Equally valuable in covering stains of the hands as well as the face.
  • No powder required to set Undercoat and there’s no waste.
  • The propellant in Undercoat contains no fluorocarbons.
  • Undercoat will create no dehydration problems as some spray cosmetics can.

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