Threaded Hub Curved Arterial Tubes

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Designed to work exclusively with the Dodge range of embalming machines as well as Portiboys, these high quality metal arterial tubes come with threaded hubs so that they can be screwed directly into the stop tap of the injection line. For ease of use, we are able to provide male and female luer lock adaptors which allow arterial tubes to be removed and changed by the operator in seconds. With the luer lock adaptors, the male adaptor is screwed into the stop tap of the injection line, where it remains. A female adaptor is then screwed onto the threaded end of every arterial tube to facilitate quick and easy connection and disconnection. As with all Dodge arterial tubes, they may be purchased individually or in sets as detailed below.

Complete Set Includes: 
  • All Curved and Straight Threaded Hub Arterial Tubes (excluding Baby Straight Double Length Arterial Tube).
Set of 4 Includes:
  • Small Curved Arterial Tube.
  • Medium Curved Arterial Tube.
  • Large Curved Arterial Tube.
  • Carotid Curved Arterial Tube.
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