Taper Fit Curved Arterial Tubes

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These high quality arterial tubes represent a new concept in tube design. They allow for a quick connect/disconnect system without loss of bore or flow. The selected arterial tube is attached to the female connector by simultaneously inserting and twisting. The female connector is permanently attached to the injection source. For other metal injection tubes, plastic injection tubes or hypodermic trocar kits that do not have taper fittings the male taper adaptor can be used in conjunction with Vinyl 14H injection tubing and a plastic connector. When the female connector is not in use, a plug is available to protect against dirt entering the socket, it also provides protection against leakage of fluid should the stop tap fail or the female socket be left on a countertop or instrument trolley. As with all the Dodge arterial tubes, they may be purchased individually or in sets as detailed below.
Complete Set Includes: 
  • All Curved and Straight Taper Fit Arterial Tubes (excluding Baby Straight Double Length Arterial Tube).
  • 1 x Female Taper Socket.
  • 1 x Male Taper Adapter.
  • 1 x Male Taper Plug.
Set of 4 Includes:
  • Small Curved Arterial Tube.
  • Medium Curved Arterial Tube.
  • Large Curved Arterial Tube.
  • Carotid Curved Arterial Tube.
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