Syn-Gel HV

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Dodge Syn-Gel HV allows a very low concentration of formaldehyde to do the work which otherwise requires very high concentrations. The preservative-disinfectant action of Syn-Gel HV results in fumeless comfort with thorough preservation. It also incorporates another Dodge breakthrough: The Plasdoform molecule, which prevents “walling off”, replaces jaundice pigments and affords quaternary disinfection potency.

Performance Highlights

  • Great on hands, face or anywhere, where more surface penetration is required.
  • Paint on and cover with plastic wrap.
  • For autopsied cases, paint or pour liberally onto surfaces inside the thoracic and abdominal cavities and onto ribcage and flaps.
  • For cranial autopsies, Syn-Gel HV treats the floor of the cranial vault and inside the scalp.
  • In cases of skin slip, ulceration, bed sores etc., use as a pack.
  • Good for treating newly amputated areas.
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