Syn-Cav – 12 x 1 litre

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Syn-Cav Cavity makes no sacrifice of functional performance for the sake of working ease alone. Allergic and fume sensitive embalmers prefer this unique synergistic full power formula because it yields maximum cavity preservation with minimal working discomfort in application. Syn-Cav Cavity takes the terror out of low index embalming – lets you breath freely without going soft on cavity treatment.

Index: 5

Performance Highlights:

  • Top favourite of the fume-sensitive embalmer.
  • Synergistic formula insures positive preservation with full working comfort.
  • Fortified with patented Plasdoform.
  • Penetrates deeply, preserves, deodorises, disinfects.
  • Suppresses fungi, yeast and viruses. Kills cavity bacteria.
  • Inhabits cavity gas formation.
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