Silcolan Aerosol – 250 ml


Box Quantity – 18

Silcolan is a clear emollient spray which can be applied to all viewable surfaces of the body before, during and after embalming. Silcolan will seem to soak in as it dries leaving a clear film. Silcolan is excellent when sprayed onto the facial features of the deceased prior to refrigerated storage before preparation.

Performance Highlights:

  • Unique blend superior to all similar spray emollients currently available. Contains silicone, lanolin derivatives, emollient esters and jojoba oil (as well as other ingredients).
  • Creates a smoother texture and will prevent moisture loss, lubricates and maintains tissue pliancy.
  • Compatible with all types of cosmetic application.
  • Can be sprayed as a lubricant on arterial tubes, drainage tubes and trocars. Allows ease of entry and can prevent vessels from being ruptured. Applying Silcolan to the embalming table will assist with transferring the deceased from the tray or stretcher and prevent drainage from adhering.
  • Pump Silcolan gives you the same clear emollient spray in a new package.
  • Now in an environmentally preferred pump style, recyclable container.
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