Restorative – 12 x 1 litre


Dodge Restorative is carefully formulated to carry moisture and humectant conditioners directly into the dried protein substance of dehydrated tissue cells. The action is purely biophysical.

Performance Highlights:

  • Controls dehydration.
  • Halts syneresis of protein gels.
  • Rebuilds tissue physically.
  • Restores cellular hydration.
  • Prevents tissue shrinkage.
  • Moisturises from within.
  • Velvetizes skin texture.
  • Restores natural contours.
  • Stimulates drainage.
  • Intensi?es arterial diffusion.
  • Restores drawn features.
  • Enhances illusion of repose.
  • Treats frozen, refrigerated and dehydrated cases.
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