Rectifiant – 12 x 1 litre


Purifying chemicals, dissolved minerals and gases which are found naturally in water supply sources today are taking a heavy toll in embalming chemical and disinfectant performance. You can keep such interference down to safe levels by treating your tap water with Recti?ant when diluting injection chemicals to working strengths.

Performance Highlights:

  • Corrects and conditions tap waters for embalming.
  • Neutralises water purifying chemicals, minerals and gases.
  • Counteracts jaundice– activating effects of chemotherapeutics.
  • Penetrates bacterial “calcium-barrier” defences.
  • Stabilises pH values, prevents chemical precipitation.
  • Steps up working power of arterials.
  • Screens out ionic adulterants bypassed by mechanical water softening equipment.
  • Helps clear post– mortem and jaundice discolouration.
  • De?brinates clotted blood.
  • Keeps ?uid lines and tanks clean.
  • Softens and helps to remove vascular blocks.
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