Proflow – 12 x 1 litre


Proflow is Dodge’s newest pre/ co-injection chemical and represents the largest achievement in embalming technology since the introduction of ‘Plasdoform-based’ chemicals. The advanced action of Proflow is produced using Cosolvent technology. This new formula greatly increases the lubrication in the vessels, functions in a wider pH range as well as water hardness conditions, and aids in penetration of the arterial solution into the tissues. Recommended approximate use is 473 per 4.54 litres.

Performance Highlights:

  • Fully compatible with all Dodge arterial and co-injection chemicals.
  • A proprietary blend of Dodge Cosolvent technology, including high performance wetting agents, and humectants provide optimum flow, perfusion and colour distribution.
  • Provides excellent performance in emaciated and medicated bodies.
  • Free from oils, silicone, lanolin and other outdated raw materials.
  • Provides good results in varying pH and water hardness conditions.
  • Does not contain formaldehyde, phenol or other toxic or highly flammable ingredients.
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