Plasdopake – 12 x 1 litre

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Plasdopake is identi?able as a humectant arterial formula by its opaque, ?esh toned characteristics. Although seemingly viscous in appearance, it is actually just as free ?owing as our non- humectant arterials. Plasdopake is a non – fatty, non-emulsi?ed chemical compound with Dodge vasculin substituted as the humectant factor.

Like other Dodge Humectant Arterial chemicals Plasdopake and Plasdo 25 are particularly useful when treating dehydrated or emaciated cases. The addition of Dodge Restorative will help to restore natural facial contours without the need for tissue building procedures.

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Performance Highlights:
  • Monitored ?rming. Molecular screening controls rate of ?rming acceleration. Releases formaldehyde as needed.
  • Clot Dispersal. Plasdoform base peptizes and diffuses clots, clumped cells, nutrient gels.
  • Neutralizes antibiotic drug effects.
  • Rehydrates tissue cells. Penetrates cell membrane. Moisturizes cell proteins. Restores lifelike plasticity.
  • Dispels death pallor. Imparts natural translucence to the skin. Dispels dull putty grey colour.
  • Water soluble formula. Contains no emulsi?ed animal fats. Won’t settle out of suspension and block circulation.
  • Disinfects as it preserves. Powerfully active against pathogens. Stabilizes proteins. Halts decomposition.
  • Polarizes cell proteins. Binds tinctorial undertones to the tissues by polar attraction. Imparts colour vibrancy.
  • Operationally simple. Permits fast, trouble free injection. No complex procedures.
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