Nilaqua Expandable Wipe (Pack of 4)

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This compact pack of expandable wipes from Nilaqua weighs practically nothing but with a little water expands into a flannel cloth perfect for washing at festivals or when travelling. These versatile wipes can be used for full body washes, hand wipes, washing up whilst camping, cleaning your bike etc. and can easily store in a pocket, bag or backpack.

To use these environmentally friendly wipes simply apply liquid or some Nilaqua Towel Off Waterless Body Wash and watch it grow and unravel into a wash cloth for all your camping needs.

Performance Highlights:

  • Compact and ultra-lightweight.
  • Instant wet wipe flannel or spare cloth.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • 100% Natural and chemical free.
  • Re-usable/disposable.
  • Can be used with water or Towel Off Body Wash.
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