Metasyn 5 – 12 x 1 litre (NEW)

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With more stringent workplace exposure limits coming into effect, The MazWell® Group and Dodge® sought to offer a complete line of low index arterial chemicals. Following the success of Intro 5, Plasdo 5 and Chroma Pink 5, it was only logical to review the existing premium line of Dodge® arterial chemicals to see what was missing. The introduction of Metasyn 5 gives the embalmer a complete line of low formaldehyde arterial chemicals. There is no one chemical that the embalmer can use for the successful treatment of all cases, although Metasyn 5 increases the options of the embalmer when it comes to arterial chemicals. 

Like it’s higher index siblings, Metasyn 5 features Dodge® Plasdoform chemistry, which controls the release of formaldehyde, allowing for thorough and complete distribution into the tissues. With its subtle dyes, Metasyn 5 will give even, non-spotting and natural colouration to lifeless tissues, reducing the time required for cosmetic application. In most cases only the lightest application of translucent cosmetics is all that will be required. Cases embalmed with Metasyn 5 will remain soft and pliable, giving a more pleasing experience to the bereaved when visiting the deceased. 

Generations of embalmers will know the benefits that come with using Metasyn for the treatment of jaundice cases. Metasyn 5 furthers the successful treatment of these cases. Whilst no arterial chemical can fully overcome jaundice staining in all cases, the Plasdoform chemistry within Metasyn 5, along with the low formaldehyde content overcomes staining, provides lasting preservation and reduces the risk of a dark green reaction occurring. Please remember that no fluid will always overcome jaundice staining, however a well-preserved body can be successfully viewed with opaque cosmetics if needed. The same cannot be said of a poorly preserved body that has been injected with a weak or watery arterial solution to avoid darkening jaundice discolorations. 

When using Metasyn 5 for jaundice, forget what schools and other makes of jaundice arterial fluids tell you about using weaker concentrations. Plasdoform chemistry gives Metasyn 5 the flexibility to deal with jaundice. Use Metasyn 5 with equal parts of Proflow or Metaflow and Rectifiant, the higher the concentration of Metasyn 5, the better your results on jaundice cases will be. You should use a dye such as Icterine as part of your solution. When treating the jaundice case, if there is no oedema present, use a pre- injection of Proflow or Metaflow and Rectifiant. Mix 500 ml of each with 2 litres of warm water. In cases of heavy staining, this pre- injection will help to wash out some jaundice pigment. Inject using a high rate of pressure and a low rate of flow with intermittent drainage prior to your main arterial injection. 

As mentioned, Metasyn 5 will not produce the same firming that you might expect from higher index chemicals. Whilst Metasyn 5 can be used on routine and trouble-free cases, we would advise against it use on cases showing decomposition, skin slip, oedema and cases suspected of renal failure. can be omitted from further solution mixtures.  
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