Metaflow – 12 x 1 litre


Metaflow is a Plasdoform-based pre/ co-injection chemical specifically formulated to intensify embalming chemical receptiveness within the vascular system. Used in routine pre and co-injection procedures, Metaflow speeds up injection operations, saves time and contributes importantly to superior, more predictable embalming results.

Performance Highlights:

  • Restores permeability to cell membranes. Replaces moisture balance. Releases antibiotic deposits from cells.
  • Speeds flow by lubricating blood cell surfaces. Accelerates drainage.
  • Detoxifies residues of addictive drugs and chemotherapeutic agents which impair preservation.
  • Reduces viscosity of coagulated blood. Disperses vascular obstacles.
  • Inhibits precipitation of blood in aged cases. Reduces agglutination. Dissolves fatty gel deposits.
  • Prevents cell clumping and clot formation.
  • Restores emaciated cases by creating natural moisture balance in tissue cells.
  • Dispels jaundice and other post-mortem discolouration.
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