Metafix – 12 x 1 litre

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Initially formulated for correlated use with the advanced Plasdoform based arterial chemicals. Metafix has since proved itself to be a highly effective universal cavity treatment medium, with a truly remarkable performance record in producing greatly enhanced embalming results.

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Performance Highlights:

  • Plasdoform based cavity chemical.
  • Fortified with a powerful quaternary disinfectant to secure ultra-disinfection.
  • Kills infective pathogens, viruses and fungi on contact.
  • Extends unique preservative features of Plasdoform to include cavity treatment.
  • Little offensive chemical odour.
  • Deep-penetrating, powerful.
  • Non-bleaching, non-shrinking, non-cauterant.
  • Firms visceral tissue without rock-like rigidity.
  • Suppresses gas formation.
  • Helpful in treating jaundice cases.
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