Majestic™ Flying Dove Urn Midnight & Brushed Gold

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The Majestic Flying Dove Adult Urn is a stunning and elegant cremation urn that not only provides a meaningful and dignified resting place for your loved one, but that also adds an exquisite piece of art into your home. The surface of the cremation urn is coated in a rich, dark shade of ebony. This is paired with elegant brushed gold bars, used at the base of the urn and the lid, as well. The brushed gold is complemented with three gold, hand-engraved doves, gracing the centre surface of the urn. The doves are detailed from their beaks to their wings, taking flight towards the heavens.

As doves often symbolize peace, love, celestial qualities, and serenity, they can bring you feelings of calm when gazing at the urn, as well as reminding of the ascension of a loved one into peace. The cremation urn is crafted by hand, so each carving and brush stroke is unique and expertly performed. The semi-flattened lid is threaded and opens at the top, and the urn is given a protective GlossCoat which not only adds protection but enhances the appearance. This work of art is the perfect way to remember a loved one.

  • Protected with GlossCoat™ 
  • Handcrafted with Love by LoveUrns® 
Adult – 16.5 L x 16.5 W x 24.5 H cm
Keepsake – 4.5 L x 4.5 W x 7.5 H cm
Adult – 3.350 litre
Keepsake – 0.050 litre
Threaded lid opens at the top
Velvet Bag/Box
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