Jaundofiant Basic & Control

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Jaundofiant Basic:

This element of the two part Jaundofiant system contains the basic chemical constituents for protein fixation and jaundice stain reduction.

To simplify ordering and stock control, Dodge is pleased to be able to supply Jaundofiant Basic and Control in a kit form which contains 12 bottles of each chemical.

Jaundofiant Control:

This element of the dual Jaundofiant system contains the chemical catalyst which activates and intensifies the stain reducing components of the basic arterial. The control unit must be intermixed with basic for maximum jaundice embalming effectiveness. Itis bottled separately to maintain the dual components at full chemical capacity.

Performance Highlights:

  • Reduces yellow staining in most cases – achieves total clearance in many jaundice instances.
  • Bleaches out bile pigments only. Will not alter normal skin pigments.
  • Requires no special techniques beyond ordinary pre-embalming treatments.
  • Tinctorial content may be intensified by the addition of Icterine dyes.


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