Introfiant – 12 x 1 litre

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Intro?ant, identi?able by its distinctive deep tone Dynachrome colouring, is an ultra-potent arterial embalming medium intensi?ed by the addition of powerful Dodge ‘Intro?ers’ for penetrating and preserving circulation – resistant bodies. Although initially formulated to cope with ‘problem case’ conditions, this arterial has found widespread favour as a general – purpose embalming medium because its excess strength relieves the embalmer of all doubts concerning the efficacy of the arterial injection – regardless of vascular and tissue conditions. Many leading establishments consider Intro?ant an invaluable time-saver and specify its use on extreme and normal cases alike.

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Performance Highlights:

  • Reduces yellow staining in most cases – achieves total clearance in many jaundice instances.
  • Bleaches out bile pigments only. Will not alter normal skin pigments.
  • Requires no special techniques beyond ordinary pre-embalming treatments.
  • Tinctorial content may be intensified by the addition of Icterine dyes.
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