(DRP) Infiniti 2 Aqua

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Part of the Infiniti family, incorporating all of the premium features of Infiniti 2, with IP rating appropriate for hose down applications. Appropriate for hose down areas, delivering quick and simple servicing.

Infiniti? is the ultimate choice for a wide range of commercial applications, with additional benefits including the ultra slim profile and bottom loading glueboard which make the unit perfect for areas lacking in wall space. The low energy consumption of the unit benefits the environment by reducing emissions and pollution caused by energy generation.

With a stylish and contemporary aesthetic, Infiniti? incorporates features that make servicing and installation quick and easy. The brushed aluminium plated front guard has magnetic closures integrated into the unit, allowing tool free access. A specially designed Glupac? glueboard slides in from the bottom of the unit, and sits directly in front of the UV LEDs, improving accessibility and allowing for a slimmer profile flykiller.

The unique position of the UV LED strips behind the glueboard* helps to increase the capture rate by reducing the common problem of flying insects flying around the UV source without getting caught. The distinctive LED strips* also have an effective UV output life of 3 years, which reduces servicing time and inventory management. Infiniti? has been specially engineered with curved glueboard runners within the unit to provide rigidity to the glueboard, preventing it from bowing and maximising the efficacy of the glueboard.

? Glueboard access from the bottom for quick and easy servicing
? Low energy running costs
? Compact model for discretion and space restricted installations
? Quick tool free access gives simple access to consumables for easy maintenance
? High efficacy UV LED strips provide a 3 year effective life
? Removable lure tray for liquid attractant
? Designed for use with Glupac? glueboards with UV stabiliser
? Independently tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards

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