(SPC) i-mop XL – Battery Powered Scrubber

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The i-mop is the result of 3 years research into floor cleaning machines! This new machine is truly amazing! it is like nothing else. No other machine can clean inside a toilet cubicle but the i-mop can. This is the first floor cleaning machine which offers the cleaning performance and speed of large ride on floor scrubbers whilst giving the flexibility of a flat mop. The i-mop can clean under beds and tables, clean right up to the edge of floors, and also clean inside washrooms and even toilet cubicles. This is the future of floor cleaning!

The 18 inch cleaning width which is equal to large 60 litre walk behind machines means you can clean large areas and small areas super fast. The patented system where the i-mop has no functional wheels in contact with the floor gives the machine a hovercraft feel, this is what gives the maneuverability. As there are no wheels taking the weight this means the brush pressure is 22 kg equal to large ride on machines resulting in the best floor cleaning results we have ever seen.

The i-mop weighs only 22 kg making it easy to carry upstairs or transport to other areas. When in the storage position the i-mop takes up minimal room in your cleaning cupboard. The brushes and squeegee can be changed in seconds to be cleaned or if you wish to have different sets for multiple areas. This really is a revolutionary cleaning machine and will change the cleaning industry as we know it.

Includes: batteries, charger and standard blue scrubbing brushes.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact our cleaning equipment specialist.

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