Hypodermic Trocar Set (3/16″) UK

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This quality hypodermic trocar set will allow the operator to treat areas of the body not receiving sufficient fluid during arterial injection due to poor circulation, circulatory disruption or trauma. With its luer lock fittings, the operator can use either the supplied trocar or any luer lock hypodermic needle. The luer lock fitting offers increased protection from chemical sprays as the trocar or hypodermic needle is securely fitted to the valve and unable to detach itself under higher pressures.

Performance Highlights:
  • Allows for simple and fast treatment of areas of the body not receiving sufficient arterial fluid.
  • Particularly useful for treating flaps of autopsy cases.
  • Luer lock fittings secure trocars and hypodermic needles in place and protect against chemical splashes.
  • Valve handle accepts hypo trocars or luer lock hypodermic needles.
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