Hybrid Needle Injector Driver

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The Hybrid Injector Needle Driver™ brings our innovation to a new level. This driver culminates the best aspects of the Injector Needle Driver™ and the Classic Injector Needle Driver II™.

Posi-Lock Trigger ™ prevents misfires when trigger is pulled. Unique design makes positive engagement with hammer eliminating a long history of problems with this design. The Hybrid Injector Needle Driver™ will fit very comfortably into your hand, featuring a grip that can easily be pulled with all four fingers.

  • Posi-Lock Mechanism
  • Injector Needle Driver™ Four Finger Grip
  • Smooth pull and Dependable Trigger Action
  • Durable Stainless Steel and Lightweight Delrin
  • Spring Clip to Retain Needle
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