Halt GX – 12 x 1 litre

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Halt GX is a new accessory co-injection chemical which will ‘halt gas production. Tissue gas cases can generally be classified as ‘extreme’ cases, this is where the ‘X’ came from in the name. It Halts Gas in eXtreme cases.

The product should be used on any case which:

  • Exhibits advanced decomposition.
  • Drowning is the cause of death.
  • Has experienced injury to the abdominal area.
  • Has signs of distension or crepitation.
  • Has visible bubbling in the drainage or distended veins.
  • Exhibits active tissue gas formation.
  • Has had abdominal surgery immediately prior to death.
  • Is septic.

Performance Highlights:

  • Effective when hypodermically injected into tissue.
  • Compatible with all Dodge chemicals and all brands of embalming machines.
  • Shows effectiveness during embalming by inhibiting gas production immediately.
  • Formaldehyde-free and Phenol-free.
  • The only chemical on the market which has been independently inhibition tested for 100% effectiveness against active tissue gas.
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