Formaldehyde Monitoring Badge – Colour Comparator

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Safeair aromatic isocyanates badges provide an immediate visual indication to warn the badge wearer of excessive isocyanate exposure levels, ideal for personal exposure limits monitoring.
The Safeair colour comparator may be used in conjunction with the Formaldehyde Monitoring Badges. The colour scales on the colour comparator identically matches the colours formed on the Safeair badges for a higher resolution, wider range and increased accuracy. 
For exposure times less than 30 minutes, it is recommended to allow the exposed badge to stand for at least 30 minutes before reading the exposure dose with the colour comparator. 
When using the aromatic isocyanates badge for measuring MDI, do not use this colour comparator to calculate the concentration.
Performance Highlights:
  • Easy to use with aromatic isocyanate badges.
  • Highly sensitive and selective.
  • Measure TWA exposure accurately.
  • Ideal for daily employee screening or gas detection.
  • No calibration or laboratory analysis needed.
Does not included Formaldehyde Monitoring Badge.
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