Floral Band Urn Slate & Brushed Gold

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The Floral Band Adult Urn in Slate and Brushed Gold is a timeless and sophisticated urn, with graceful edges and a unique design that is elegant and striking. The body of this cremation urn is made from brass but coated in a smoky shade of slate grey. Gray is often a colour associated with loss, contemplation, refinement, elegance, and dignity, which can be powerful attributes to connect to a loved one.

This grey is complemented with a ribbon of hand-engraved flowers, carved in gold into the upper half of the urn. The brushed gold is stunningly enhanced when next to the slate grey tones. The flowers are etched along around the entire urn and framed with small etchings to further draw out their design. The lid of the urn is also given a brushed gold finish to match the flowers. The urn can be personalized with an engraving etched into the body, which can be a messaged, quote, or simply name and dates for a loved one.

  • Protected with GlossCoat™ 
  • Handcrafted with Love by LoveUrns®


Adult – 15.5 L x 15.5 W x 26.5 H cm
Keepsake – 4.5 L x 4.5 W x 7 H cm
Adult – 3.1 litre
Keepsake – 0.050 litre
Threaded lid opens at the top
Velvet Bag/Box

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