Feature Builder

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One of the most versatile and useful accessory chemicals we know of. This fast-setting tissue-filling gel rebuilds characteristic facials features and helps restore normal appearance to dehydrated and emaciated cases. Fills, firms and plumps without risk of after-set shrinkage. Improves and accentuates the illusion of repose in the final presentation. Available in two types: Regular for normal tissue filling and Firming for areas that need preservation as well as filling.

Feature builder Solvent is used for cleaning procedures after completion of tissue building and removes feature builder from hypodermic needles and syringes.

Feature Builder Regular/Firming Performance Highlights:

  • Free flowing for fast, easy hypodermic injection.
  • Sets rapidly, remains stable. Won’t shrink.
  • Restores natural expression, normal tissue contours.
  • Seals needle punctures.
  • Masks facial muscle shadow, repels spotting, mottling.

As a note of caution, we recommend that eye protection be used whenever the injection of chemicals is being undertaken. When injecting feature building products, we not only advocate the use of eye protection but also the use of luer lock needles and syringes to prevent the risk of spraying chemicals under pressure.

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