Dry Wash II

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Specially formulated for mortuary hairdressing, Dry Wash II is fast drying de-greasing shampoo that won’t change hair colour or interfere with permanents or natural curls. It can be used on a clean pad to remove unabsorbed massage cream, clean brushes, thin cosmetics and feather wax during restorative procedures.

Performance Highlights

  • Leaves hair manageable, soft and lustrous.
  • Revives permanent waves.
  • Removes grease, dandruff and ‘cradle cap’.
  • Dries quickly-saves hairdressing time.
  • Thins cosmetics and cleans brushes.
  • Excellent solvent, removes creams, helps smooth wax during restorative procedures.
  • Removes stains from fabric (always test fabric first).
  • Contains no trichloroethylene.
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