(SPC/DRP) Hydraulic Body Hoist

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Made from 12 gauge 1½” square steel tubing, with 4″ braked castors, a robust hydraulic bottle jack and fully adjustable nylon straps with locking buckles, this hoist allows for safe and easy transfer of the deceased body from embalming table, fridge tray or removal stretcher to coffin or casket. Designed for ease of operation this unit can be operated by one person and eliminated manual handling in the embalming room or mortuary. The nylon straps can be easily washed and disinfected to ensure levels of hygiene are maintained.
Technical Data

Width: 48.5″
Depth: 32″
Weight: 80kg
Minimum Height: 52″
Maximum Height: 69.5″
Lift: 28.5″
Finish: White Epoxy Coating
Safe Working Load: 159 kg

Please Note: That a 2-3 week lead time may apply for delivery. Please check at time of ordering.

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