Dri-Cav 5 – 12 x 1 litre (NEW)

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Low index, low fuming cavity chemicals are not new and have stood the test of time as generations of embalmers have relied on them for lasting and dependable results. With increasingly stringent chemical exposure limits in the embalming room and embalmers looking to increase their working comfort and address environmental concerns Dri-Cav 5 takes low index cavity embalming to the next level. Dry, firm cavities, reduced exposure and lasting preservation. 

Dodge® Dri-Cav 5 contains a drying ingredient not found in any other cavity fluid formulation. Dri-Cav 5, like Dri-Cav was developed for use on cases that would otherwise require re-aspiration, owing to unusual amounts of fluid in the cavities. In the course of extensive development and research Dodge® Chemists and MazWell® field testers found that Dri-Cav 5 performs exceptionally well, giving lasting preservation and improving the working environment in the embalming room. 
Dodge® Dri-Cav 5 is excellent for use on cases with unusual amounts of fluid in the cavities, cases evidencing gas and distension as well as everyday situations. It has a wintergreen odour which helps in overcoming the unpleasant odours of putrefaction. Dri-Cav 5 firms like a ‘super firming’ cavity chemical, yet releases far less formaldehyde into the air during use. It greatly reduces fluids found upon re-aspiration. Owing to its high performance and low fuming characteristics, Dri-Cav 5 can be used in cavity packs for treatment of difficult conditions such as gangrene and decubitus ulcers. It is also ideal for the treatment of autopsy viscera prior to ‘dry packing’. Dodge® Dri-Cav 5 will give the embalmer peace of mind, without going soft on cavity treatment. 
All Dodge® cavity chemicals are designed to be used in a similar way. For a normal sized case, up to 200 lb or 90 kg inject 500 ml of cavity chemical into the thoracic cavity and 500 ml into the abdominal cavity. For cases weighing over 200 lb or 90 kg, a minimum of 500 ml of cavity fluid should be injected per 100 lb or 45 kg of weight. For those cases too small to accept this amount of fluid into the cavities, use as much cavity chemical as the cavity will hold.  
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