Dodge Embalming Machine APC24 240V UK

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The next Generation of Dodge Embalming machines. With the advanced technology of (APC) Automatic Pressure Control capability that automatically self-adjusts to manage various sources of vascular resistance.

Performance Highlights:
  • Ultra quiet operation while injecting.
  • Built in rate of flow meter.
  • Choose between pulsation or continuous injection.
  • Complete stainless steel cabinet with Dodge quality components and construction along with a comprehensive Dodge warranty.
  • Exterior cabinet dimensions are: H 14″ x W 17″ x D 19″.
  • Pump is industrial duty with magnetic drive.
  • Quick release injection tubing. Easy to detach, drain and coil for storage.
  • Auto-mix cycle mixes your solution without even requiring the hose to be attached.
  • Easy access to the in-line filter.
  • Recessed carrying handles allow the machine to be moved easily.
  • Hose complete with adapter and stopcock to accommodate threaded or luer-lock arterial tubes.

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The Dodge Embalming machine with Automatic Pressure Control is a breakthrough in the control offered to the embalmer, when injecting arterial fluid into the deceased. With unique features, The Dodge APC Embalming machine can be relied upon to produce consistently excellent penetration and distribution of embalming fluid.

Using the machine is simple and we would recommend taking a few moments to become familiar with its operating features. The Dodge Embalming machine with APC is designed to control the flow rate of embalming fluid and automatically adjust the pressure to ensure the rate of flow is maintained. The machine also offers both direct and pulsating injection. The machine features two gauges to show the level of fluid in the tank as well as the rate of flow. There is also a dial on the front of the machine to adjust the rate of flow.

Start by unpacking the machine and placing it in a convenient location in your embalming room. For ease of operation, we suggest either a countertop near to an electrical and water supply or a mobile trolley. Once the machine is in the correct location connect the electricity supply and tuck any excess cable out of the way behind the machine.

The machine features a mix cycle, which will mix your selected fluid without needing the injection hose to be attached. This can be very useful if you wish to prepare your chosen fluid before attaching the injection hose. The machine can be fitted with a clip which holds the hose, which can be fitted to the front of the machine, or two cleats on the right hand side on which the injection hose can be coiled round when not in use.

Prior to first use, we recommend trying the machine with some plain water, to become used to its working action. Remove the lid of the fluid reservoir and add two or three litres of cold tap water. turn the dial on the left hand side of the machine to ‘mix’. If you look inside the tank you will see that the machine circulates the fluid in the tank to mix all chemicals together. At this time please ensure that the injection hose is attached. now, pointing the injection hose into the fluid reservoir, turn the on/ off dial to direct injection and gently open the flow dial by turning it from left to right.

Once you have set the desired rate of flow, the machine will do the rest. If any blockages are encountered, that reduce the rate of flow, the machine will increase the pressure to ensure the desired rate of flow is maintained. With this a note of caution should be added. The diameter of both the artery being injected and the injection tube fitted will impact the rate of flow at the end of the machine hose. If the machine senses any restriction in the rate of flow, it will increase the pressure. If the injection tube is changed and the flow rate remains the same, the pitch of the machine may change as it works to maintain the same rate of flow through a much smaller diameter tube. Due to the high quality components and workmanship supporting this machine, the pump should in no way be damaged, however some operators may find it unnerving. Also, the operator may be surprised at how quickly delicate facial tissues embalm using tiny maxillary tubes if the flow rate has not been adjusted.

Another useful addition to the features of this machine is the pulsation setting. This allows fluid to be delivered into the circulatory system one ‘’spurt’’ at a time. This ’’spurt’’ is similar to the manner in which blood is pumped around the body by the heart. The pulsing mechanism allows for deeper and better diffusion of arterial fluid around the body and assists in clearing cases where discolouration is evident, and helps ensure more thorough preservation on long term or shipping cases. throughout the embalming procedure, the flow of the injected arterial solution can be adjusted and the injection can be switched between direct or pulsation. The operator really is in control of the entire procedure internally and externally.

When injection has been completed, the machine should be washed out with fresh water, to prevent the arterial chemicals damaging the internal components. Once you have completed the injection, any fluid remaining in the tank should be drained away before fresh water is added for rinsing purposes. Once the hose has been rinsed clean, it can be used to rinse the fluid reservoir. When doing this, remember to turn the flow down to prevent excessive splashes. If any residues remain Dis-Spray and Webril towel or disposable paper will effectively remove it. The outside of the machine can also be cleaned in this way.

When filling the machine, avoid excess splashing of chemicals or diluted solutions. Should excessive foaming become a problem, a couple of sprays of Dis Spray to the foam will reduce it without any adverse effect to the fluid.

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