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Formaldehyde-free, fortified with Mold-x, this new formula provides all the power you need. Dis-Spray is still an exceptional preserving and deodorising topical embalming spray.

Performance Highlights:

  • Cuts through surface dirt and body-oil film. Helpful in removing oily exudate when a high fever has occurred prior to death.
  • Exceptional preserving and deodorising topical embalming spray.
  • Enhanced with Mold-x.
  • Can be used on even the most delicate tissues including infant cases and the most tender facial areas.
  • Very useful as an additive to arterial solution when treating cases of tissue gas.
  • Use 100 ml of Dis-Spray per litre of solution to help eradicate gas bacillus.

Trigger spray available for 1 litre bottle, found in accessories.