Clampstat Forceps – Fixation

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Designed to hold metal arterial tubes in place, while under pressure, these forceps simplify injection procedures during the embalming of both straight and autopsy cases. Available in differing sizes, some of these forceps feature angled heads which aid in clamping arteries in difficult to reach areas.

Safety Note: When using these forceps to hold tubes in place while embalming a straight case, a ligature should also be used to act as an additional safety measure and also allow for the vessel to be tied off after injection to prevent leakage.

Dimensions: (Ø – Diameter)

  • Three Holes – 2.35 mm, 4.75 mm & 3.15 Ø
  • Two Holes – Baby/Maxillary – 2.0 mm & 1.5 mm Ø
  • Two Holes – Medium/Small – 4.0 mm & 3.0 mm Ø
  • Two Holes – Carotid/Large – 6.0 mm & 4.5 mm Ø
  • Two Holes – Large/Small – 1/4″ & 1/8″ Ø
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