Chromatech Pink – 12 x 1 litre

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With exclusive Chromatan Dye. For those who want a high intensity colouration in a red-brown or pink hue.

Today, funeral service professional’s demand that a high degree of natural colouration be imparted to the tissues from within, by the dye in the arterial chemical itself. This is not just to save time that might otherwise be spent on cosmetic application. Technically proficient embalmers know that colouration from within looks more natural than anything that can be applied externally.

Dodge Chromatech is also particularly useful when treating dehydrated or emaciated cases and with the addition of a sufficient amount of Dodge Restorative, facial features and depth may be restored without the need of time consuming tissue building procedures.

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Performance Highlights:
  • Provides medium firming.
  • With Plasdoform – Dodge’s patented embalming breakthrough.
  • Contains its own humectant. Soluble, not animal based.
  • With the exclusive Chromatech dye system.
  • Not available in any other arterial.
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