Calibrated Pressure Vessels

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Here at MazWell we are pleased to introduce to you a new range of 5 and 10 litre pressure vessels for arterial injection. These vessels offer enhanced features to support the busy embalmer in their work. A sturdy base ensures that the tank will not tip over either when empty or full, and the threaded lid makes it easier to fill with chemicals or water without spills or leaks. The tank is also fitted with our chemical resistant 14H injection and drainage hose and a stop tap. A back flow valve ensures that no liquid can ever enter the motor pump, even if the tank is over filled. We have also featured a manual pump and pressure gauge so that the pressure tank can be used with or without an electric motor pump. This feature is particularly valuable for the busy trade embalmer or in cases of mechanical failure. This compact and sturdy unit will offer years of trouble free service and can be relied upon in the busiest of facilities.

Performance Highlights:
  • Impact resistant, calibrated polyethylene pressure tank.
  • Supplied with all required injection and pressure hoses.
  • Injection line fitted with stop tap to control fluid flow.
  • Fitted with pressure relief valves, which doubles as safety valve when in use.
  • 5 litre ideal for use in locations where space is at a premium.
5 Litre Tank
Height: 43 cm
Diameter: 18 cm

5 Litre Tank Base
29 x 24 cm
10 Litre Tank
Height: 61 cm
Diameter: 18 cm

10 Litre Tank Base
29 x 24 cm

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