Dodge Waterless Aspirator DWA 240V UK


The Dodge Waterless Electric Aspirator is the first aspirator available to the funeral profession which utilises the technology of the peristaltic pump.

The peristaltic pump, which is primarily used in the medical field in dialysis and heart/lung bypass devices, eliminates the need for aspirated materials to pass through a motorised mechanism or impellor. The aspirator creates a vacuum by compressing flexible tubing, using a series of three rollers which rotate in a housing at a high rate of speed. This allows the isolation of the aspirated material from any moving part of the mechanism, thus eliminating the possibility of contamination or clotting, a common problem with all other electric aspirating devices.

By creating the vacuum necessary for aspiration through electricity, The Dodge Waterless Electric Aspirator eliminates the need for large volumes of water to be wasted during the aspirating process. The device also eliminates the need for the operator to handle the aspirated material collected in glass or plastic aspiration jars. The risk of these jars imploding or being dropped is also removed. Material removed from the deceased during the aspiration process is simply discharged directly into the sluice, foul sink or drain without the operator ever being exposed to it. This machine has been thoroughly tested and will work all day every day, year after year with no need for time consuming maintenance or risk of mechanical failure.

This machine will allow for thorough and easy aspiration of the deceased, while helping to improve the hygiene standards in the embalming room and protecting the embalmer from exposure to potentially harmful and infectious material.

Performance Highlights:

  • Uses quick disconnect fittings for both intake and discharge lines, ensuring ease of use, cleaning and storage.
  • Stainless steel motor housing and high impact plastic pump housing provide durability and a professional appearance.
  • Supplied with a 18″ Slaughter Trocar and 6 metres of suction/discharge hose re-inforced tubing 12.5 mm ID, OD 18.5 mm.
  • One year warranty for parts and labour and two year warranty for the motor.
  • Use in areas where poor water pressure prevents the use of a Hydro Aspirator.


6 metres of hose
1 x 18″ Trocar

User Guidelines

The Dodge Waterless Electric Aspirator is supplied with both suction and discharge hoses and a 3/8″ diameter 18″ Slaughter trocar. Set up is easy and the machine can be ready for use in a few moments.

Place the machine on a trolley or worktop close to the drain or sluice that it will discharge into. There should also be a power point near by. Connect the discharge hose to the port marked ‘D’. The machine is supplied with a weight that should be pushed onto the discharge hose, about six inches above the end of the hose that will rest in the drain, sink or sluice. This weight will help to keep the discharge hose in place. With new embalming rooms or refurbishment projects, it may be best to have an additional drain pipe installed next to the embalming table or station so that the machine may discharge directly into the sewer line. Next connect the suction hose to the port marked ‘S’. When in use the discharge hose may jump about slightly and we would advise testing the machine first with some water to become familiar with the action of the pump.

The unit can be placed on a worktop, trolley or even the floor. The position of the machine will in no way affect its performance. Testing has found that the unit will work very well if left on the floor next to the embalming station, sluice or drain and being operated by the embalmer with his or her foot. At this time, it is worth noting that some thought should be given to the position of the machine and the length of suction and discharge hoses. The aspirator is supplied with six metres of hose, that can be cut to suit the individual situation of the purchaser. We would recommend allowing two metres of hose for the discharge and four for the suction. If the machine is to discharge into an embalming station with a strainer basket, or a sluice that has a grating for a bucket, a cable tie can be used to hold the hose in place and avoid it falling from place. If the sluice in your embalming room is a modified toilet with the seat still in place, insert the discharge hose and close the seat to guard against splashes and prevent the hose from falling out.

It may take a few days to get used to the action of the machine, however after a day or two we are sure that you will wonder how you ever managed without it. For those who currently use a Hydro Aspirator, the process of aspiration is exactly the same except for the reduction in the amount of water used in the embalming room. For those who are currently using a vacuum pump and aspiration jars, you will need to monitor the suction hose and the material entering it as you work through the cavities of the body. Our testers agreed that the best procedure is to start with atrial drainage and then relocate the trocar when no further fluid enters the suction hose. Aspiration is then performed until no more material enters the suction hose. While aspirating it is advisable to periodically rinse the trocar and hoses with a disinfectant solution. This helps to prevent a build up of material in the trocar, hoses and pump head and also helps to disinfect the material discharged into the sewer system during the aspiration process.

After the aspiration is completed, clean disinfectant solution should be run through the suction and discharge hoses and the outside of the hoses and the machine should be cleaned with a clean cloth, which has been dampened with disinfectant. Periodically you may want to draw disinfectant solution through the machine and let it sit for a while before flushing through with clean water. This will help to ensure that your machine remains in top condition. The outside of the machine can be wiped down and even sprayed with disinfectant, however it should never be immersed in liquid and must be disconnected from the mains electricity first.

There is only one part of the machine that can be replaced, the tube inside the pump head and this can be undertaken by the embalmer. There is a video showing how this is done on the Dodge USA website. The screws in the pump head are simply undone, the old tube removed, the new tube inserted and the screws replaced.

The suction generated by the machine is ample for aspirating the most difficult case and the procedure is more pleasant. Embalmers will appreciate not having to handle aspirated material, or clean and disinfect dirty aspiration jars. They will also be spared the problems when Hydro Aspirators block or require dismantling for cleaning and maintenance. There are significant time savings made, not having to deal with aspiration jars or stopping half way through the aspiration procedure to empty jars due to high volumes of fluid in the cavities. The Waterless Aspirator takes the labour out of aspiration and assists the busy embalmer in maintaining the highest standard of embalming practice as well as personal and environmental hygiene while working.

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