BodySealer® Replacement Pouch (2.5 metre)

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Manufactured in the U.S.A, a hermetically sealed, biohazard containment pouch. 

Performance Highlights:

  • Biosafety Level 4 Containment.
  • Metal Foil Barrier.
  • Fluid and vapor barrier where biohazard containment is required such as Mortuaries, Coroners, Medical Examiners, Evidence Collection, Disaster Preparedness Organizations, and Mausoleums.
  • Sealed pouch used for the shipment of caskets, human remains or pets remains, that’s accepted by many domestic and international airlines.
  • Made to military specifications and quality control.
  • A more affordable choice than a body or transfer case.
  • 40 inch folded width 2.5 metre length to the pouch.
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