Black Funeral Cones & Signage

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These funeral road cones are specifically designed to assist with the flow of traffic and parking areas in a more subtle manor than the traditional brightly coloured road cones.

  • One piece design 500 mm funeral cones are manufactured out of highly durable recycled PVC. The PVC funeral cones are equipped with a high quality bright white sleeve with the “FUNERAL” text and cross icon.
  • The one piece road cone gets it’s name from being made up of one single piece of PVC material, the whole cone is naturally black from production with the addition of black paint to give a longer lasting finish.
  • The materials used to produce the funeral cones are all completely recyclable after they have served their purpose. Being manufactured completely out of recycled PVC the cones are already environmentally friendly. 
  • The road cones are stackable making them easy to transport and store between uses.
  • Ideal for putting in the back of cars or your hearse to set up on the day of your funeral activities.
  • Carefully designed with an easy to grip carry handle at the top of the funeral cone.
  • The funeral cones weigh in at 3 – 4.7 kg, they are a single person lift with multiple cones easily carried at once due to the stacking feature.

500 ml Funeral Cone Specification:

Weight 3 kg
Width 295 mm
Height 500 mm
Depth 295 mm

750 ml Funeral Cone Specification:

Weight 4.7 kg
Width 385 mm
Height 750 mm
Depth 385 mm

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