Aquachrome Cream

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Aquachrome cosmetics are water-based like the cosmetics available over the counter, however they are formulated specifically for use in our field. It’s translucent, so it imparts a natural no masking tone to the skin. Included in the formula are:
  • Natural moisturisers and softening agents, derived from lanolin and cholesterol, which are similar to the lipids in the fat of the skin.
  • Hygroscopic materials which penetrate the skin, absorb moisture and leave no greasy feel.
  • Materials which form water-resistant skin films with a fine texture and a non-drying effect.
Performance Highlights:
  • Every ingredient in Aquachrome is non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin.
  • Special ingredients give stability of viscosity and emulsion for long shelf life.
  • Ingredients are cosmetic grade, including the pigments which are accepted for use on living skin.
  • Preservative system is a broad spectrum one, effective against gram negative bacteria such as pseudomonads and against yeast and moulds.

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