Black Slate Adult Urn

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A unique and one of kind slate urn with three sides in the textured natural cleft finish of the slate as it comes from the quarry. The front and top are honed smooth to allow for personalisation.

300 million years ago finely divided particles of silt and clay were deposited in prehistoric lake beds, and subjected to tremendous pressures and temperatures during upheavals of the earth’s surface, forming the compressed material called slate.

One of the characteristics of slate is that it has markings, or “hard spots” that show up on the surface. They are produced when a mineral (like iron) gets compressed when the slate is formed, and show up as darker or gold-ish spots on the honed (smooth) surface, as bumps in an imprint, or as irregularities in the ridges of the cleft. Another common occurrence are dark ribbons of a denser layer of slate.

These markings and inclusions are due to the nature of the material and are not imperfections or defects. They are a testament to the uniqueness of the natural material that makes up the urn you have carefully and lovingly chosen.

The care of your urn is very simple, since no artificial colouring is used. To maintain the colour or to remove minor scratches, rub the surface with light mineral or household oil and wipe off the excess with a dry cloth.

Dimensions: 5½” x 5½” x 9″

Capacity: 209 cubic inches

Opening: Screwed bottom opening

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