Action Powder – 4 kg

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A real must have for any and every embalming room. Action powder delivers fast dependable preservation to areas not receiving fluid through arterial injection. Action powder may be used freely on autopsy cases for treating the trunk walls or cranial vault. Action may also be used for cases requiring deodorising and preservative treatment which are beyond arterial injection.
Performance Highlights:
  • Assured performance on cases where arterial injection could be difficult if not impossible.
  • Excellent inside caskets, grave vaults, mausoleums and crypts.
  • Very useful for treating bed sores, cancerous or putrefactive areas.
  • Effective in lieu of hypo work on wet or dry decomposed cases or autopsy cases where trunk walls do not receive adequate fluid during injection.
  • Use with plastic undergarments to preserve and dry oedematous limbs.
  • Useful for treating infant cases where traditional treatments would be impracticable.
  • Used by many for the treatment of exhumed or disinterred cases.
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